Petrol Stations

As announced to the public a month ago, Petrolina has had an agreement over the cooperation renewal with ENI Italy. Petrolina has now the exclusive license to import and trade ENI lubricants in Cyprus and over a short period of time, all AGIP stations in Cyprus, will renamed and rebranded into ENI. It is our pleasure to share with you our first ENI image rebranding in Cyprus. Following every single requirement in ENI’s image guidelines, we have successfully rebranded the first station in Troodous avenue in Nicosia and turned the station into an attractive and impressive station. No way it stays unnoticed! Production & Installation included: Monolith reface, Canopy Bullnose Fascia, Canopy Yellow LED strip, Canopy LED Logos, Spreaders, Pump reface, Pump Crowner, ENI shop Fascia, Shop LED Logo, LED Frames, Bond Cladding, Murals, Lancelot and more..

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